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Children’s Book of Music


Go on a musical journey around the world in this children’s introduction. Discover the power of music and be inspired by cultures from all over the world with this extensive children’s guide. This book is the perfect introduction for young readers to the world of music and celebrates music from every continent!Children aged 9+ can find out how instruments are made and played, and learn about the fascinating lives and achievements of great composers and musicians, from Bach to Bowie, Bjork and Beyonce.

All the essential information about music is covered, including the major movements, composers, instruments and techniques. This music book for children offers: – Chapters which cover a huge range of musical styles, from the very first instruments to the modern day. – Explanations of how music touches our lives, from festivals and religion, to TV and film, pop music and stardom.

– Profiles of influential musicians from Bach to Elvis. – A focus on key instruments such as piano and violin, showing their component parts and the famous musicians who play them. Children’s Book of Music is full of facts and photos highlighting musical styles from across the globe, from the very earliest music through to classical and blues, via reggae, Afropop, hip-hop and dance – making it the perfect gift for budding musicians.

More in the seriesThe Children’s Book of series inspires young learners to dive into their favourite topic and immerse themselves in the ins and outs, from fun facts to experts in the field. If you liked Children’s Book of Music, then why not try the guide for budding artists, Children’s Book of Art?


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