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Bob and Bunk

Bob is a pampered indoor cat. Bunk is a wild-spirited outdoor cat. They’re both very different, but maybe they’re pretty similar too…

A beautiful, funny book about accepting others and making friends. This is a tale of two cats: Bob, the pampered indoor cat who likes curling up on the sofa and watching TV, and Bunk, the wild-spirited outdoor cat who likes rolling about in the garden and playing with leaves. They’re both pretty different, but when Bob and Bunk meet they realise they’re similar, too…

This unique picture book brings together two brilliant author-illustrators to collaborate. The illustrations are a mix of both Maisie Paradise Shearring and Rose Blake’s work, each illustrating the vibrant and amusing worlds of their own real-life cats, and what happens when these worlds collide. Bob and Bunk is a charming and entertaining picture book about accepting others and making friends, recognising our similarities as well as our differences.


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