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Amazing Rivers : 100+ Waterways That Will Boggle Your Mind

Fearless adventurers, set sail on a fascinating voyage down the world’s most extraordinary rivers!Discover over 100 of the world’s most incredible rivers in this fascinating title by Julie Vosburgh Agnone and illustrated by prize-winner Kerry Hyndman. Amazing Rivers takes readers of a tour of the world’s waterways, revealing the animals that call them home, the societies that rely on them, and the environmental issues threatening them along the way. Learn about incredible wildlife, from brown bears catching salmon that swim upstream to anacondas large enough to eat a pig.

Explore astounding natural wonders, from a boiling river so hot you can cook an egg in it to a multicoloured river that flows like a liquid rainbow. And discover awesome river traditions, from ritual baths to rubber duck racing to barefoot waterskiing!A fact-filled celebration of some of the most AMAZING rivers on EARTH!Other titles in the Our Amazing World series include:Amazing IslandsAmazing Treasures


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