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All The World’s A Stage : 1

Do you dream of walking the red carpet? Are you fascinated by special effects? Do you have a story you’re itching to tell the world?This practical guide to all things stage, film and TV is packed with everything you need to know about working in the theatre or film industry. From famous theatres to a timeline of musicals, from fascinating film genres to exotic locations, learn all about the behind-the-scenes magic of stage and screen. Follow our step-by-step guides and in no time you’ll be putting on your own production or shooting your own film.

Next stop, Hollywood or London’s West End!In a modern world where creativity is more important than ever, these aspirational books will encourage and inspire the next generation of creative young minds. From the ancient origins of performance to the emerging digital world fusing art and technology, All The World’s A Stage provides an amazing insight into theatre, television and film. This guide showcases the many different roles required to create a blockbuster movie or West End production and then tells you exactly how to do it at home!


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