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Adventures with Finn and Skip: Bird

From the award-winning author Brendan Kearney, comes the third action-packed adventure for Finn and his dog, Skip, that takes them into the sky, as they learn about climate change and what they can do to help. When Finn and Skip begin their hang-gliding adventure up in the clouds, they think that it couldn’t have gotten off to a better start. But when Finn’s map gets caught around a swan’s neck, a wild chase ensues; one that leads them to uncover the surprising troubles facing these feathered friends, and many other animals, too…

Offering a gentle, but richly imagined introduction to the environmental concerns facing our wildlife, grown-ups and children will enjoy following the story of Finn and Skip, with its ups and downs, and pointing out all the different ways they can help our birds and environment. With its fun, quirky illustrations, Bird will empower young readers with passion and drive, and will leave them with the thought that there is hope after all. It’s simply the only choice for your shelf.


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