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A World Full of Feelings: Finding Kindness


This charming picture book for children aged 4 plus, illustrated by Ukrainian-American artist Sofia Moore, explores times when children find it difficult to be kind and offers some great solutions. Mia and Jackson have fallen out and are not talking to each other. Meanwhile, around the world, other children are learning to be kind by sharing and by helping others and nature.

What will Mia and Jackson do? The book is packed with different situations and explores ways we can be kind and build empathy, from including others in games to ‘passing on’ kindness. The situations range from interactions with friends and family, to teachers and people we will never meet in worse situations than us. Finding Kindness is part of the series A World Full of Feelings, which explores emotions and feelings and depicts different cultures around the world through the illustrations, promoting cultural understanding and empathy.

The other titles are Finding Courage, Finding Happiness and Finding Calm.


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