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Dead Good Detectives

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Meet the ghosts in this hilariously heart-racing and spooky adventure and young souls of 8+ by the author of the bestselling Land of Roar series. Perfect for fans of BBC’s Ghosts! Sid Jones loves hanging out in the graveyard with her best friend Zen – they are desperate to see a real-life ghost! But when Sid accidentally summons a 300-year-old pirate from the dead, it opens the door to the HALFWAY HOUSE – a magical inn FULL of lost souls from across the ages, all trapped there by a sinister landlord. There are more ghosts that Sid could ever have imagined – and they’re all sure Sid is there to save them! (Sid’s sure there’s been some kind of mistake.) But someone else is watching, and they’re not happy about Sid helping the ghosts .

. . TICK, TOCK – TIME IS RUNNING OUT Another epic adventure series from the author of the Land of Roar, with magic, peril, pirates, lots of laughs and LOADS of ghosts!


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  1. Nika

    This book is brilliant! When Sid Jones accidentally sets a ghost free, she is in for an adventure she couldn’t imagine in her wildest dreams! Turns out she can see ghosts! As for the newly free ghost – he’s the ghost of a pirate, his name is Bones and he comes with a parrot called Elizabeth. Sid needs to help Bones find his treasure to be able to move on, otherwise he will become a wraith, and that would be horrible. Along the way they get help from Sid’s best friend Zen and are being chased by Old Scratch, and there are so many twists and exciting turns in this book, you won’t be able to stop reading!
    Perfect summer read (or any-time-of-year read) for children aged 10+.

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