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Lost Foal

The fourth in a magical, exciting adventure by Olympian and World Book Day ambassador Jessica Ennis-Hill. Perfect for fans of Rainbow Magic and My Little Pony: a bumper special edition, with extra quizzes and activities. What if you had a special bracelet that let you become invisible whenever you wanted? Evie’s grandma has sent her another parcel.

Inside layers of tissue and colourful ribbons is a beautiful bracelet! A unicorn foal is lost in the park! Evie’s going to need the bracelet – and a brave heart – to help him. But she’s always ready to have some magical adventures! Evie shares Jessica’s determination and drive – an inspiration for kids everywhere. The full list of titles: 1.

The Silver Unicorn2. The Enchanted Puppy3. The Sprites’ Den4.

The Unicorn’s Foal5. The Clocktower Charm6. The Fire Bird7.

The Golden Sands


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