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Who could that Be at this Hour? (All the Wrong Questions 1)

Before he wrote ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’, Lemony Snicket asked all the wrong questions. Four to be exact. This is the account of the first question.

In a fading town, far from anyone he knew or trusted, a young Lemony Snicket began his apprenticeship in an organization nobody knows about. He began asking questions that shouldn?t have been on his mind. Are you curious about what is happening in a seaside town that is no longer by the sea? Do you want to know more about a stolen item that wasn?t stolen at all?

In the tradition of great storytellers, from Dickens to Dahl, comes an exquisitely dark comedy that is both literary and irreverent.?You?ll laugh only if you find humour in gothic and mysterious things involving detectives and crime solving.

Read all books in the All the Wrong Questions?series by Lemony Snicket:

  1. Who Could That Be at This Hour?
  2. When Did You See Her Last?
  3. Shouldn’t You Be in School?
  4. Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights?


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