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A Beginner’s Guide to Ruling the Galaxy : It’s hard to crush your enemies when your homework’s due…


A brilliantly funny story of what happens when a galactic princess moves in next door and almost brings about the end of the world. Exciting new fiction from the bestselling, award-winning author of My Brother is a Superhero. Gavin’s got a new neighbour and she’s really annoying.

Niki follows him everywhere, bosses him about, and doesn’t care that her parents will obliterate Earth with their galactic warships if she doesn’t stop running away from them. Can Niki and Gavin sort out the alien despots (aka Mum and Dad) and save the planet? Possibly. Will they become friends along the way? Doubtful…

‘David Solomons represents the best in contemporary comic writing for children’ — GuardianA hilarious new story from the author of My Brother Is a Superhero, winner of the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and the British Book Industry Awards Children’s Book of the Year. Perfect for fans of David Baddiel and David Walliams. Read the My Brother is a Superhero series:My Brother Is a SuperheroMy Gym Teacher is an Alien OverlordMy Evil Twin is a SupervillainMy Arch-Enemy is a Brain in a JarMy Cousin is a Time-Traveller


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  1. Rach

    A laugh out loud middle grade fiction. A madcap adventure that’s out of this world. Niki a galactic princess is hiding from her parents (ruthless rulers of the galaxy) in the ordinary, dull town of Middling, Planet Earth. Garvin, is just an unremarkable human boy so when Niki is hunted down by a talking cat and then her alien parents, Gavin proves just how awesome unremarkable really is. A really funny adventure full of spaceships and Aliens and about friendship and how family isn’t always about blood relatives.

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