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Ultimate Spotlight: Volcanoes

Interactive and engaging, Ultimate Spotlight: Volcanoes gives children a closer look at different types of volcanoes and how they form! Explore the beginnings of a volcano: Pull a tab to follow the path of magma to Earth’s surface, turn a page to reveal a big pop-up of a volcano eruption, and lift flaps to see the creation of a volcanic island. * Flaps! Pull-tabs! Pop-ups! Lots of interactive and moveable parts* Detailed illustrations that beg to be pored over again and again* Educational content reviewed by an expertb>Fans of Volcanoes will also enjoy the interactive learning of other books in the Ultimate Spotlight(TM) series, including Polar Animals, Rain Forest Animals, Savanna Animals, Dinosaurs, Firefighters, Trains, and Astronauts . * Great family and classroom read-aloud book* Books for 5 and up* Books for kindergarten and early elementary school studentsChock-full of information, this book is an exciting introduction to volcanoes.


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