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Three Strikes

A chilling collection of three novellas from authors Lucy Christopher, Kat Ellis and Rhian Ivory: ‘The Darkness’ by Lucy Christopher: Everyone has disappeared. Ebony writes by candlelight.

Is she the only one left? Then she spots a red light blinking at her from the darkness. A camera? ‘The Twins of Blackfin’ by Kat Ellis is a prequel to the popular Blackfin Sky. Every evening Bo visits her best friend Sky’s grave.

One night she hears a girl’s voice. Following it leads her to a journal and a crypt. ‘Matchstick Girl’ by Rhian Ivory is a modern YA retelling of The Little Match Girl.

Out busking, runaway Nia is mugged and left badly hurt in a tunnel. All she has is three matches, and she starts seeing pictures in the light… A story of grief, love and music.


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