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This is Not the End


Part road-trip drama, part comedy and part romance, This is Not the End packs a huge pop-culture punch with a twist – perfect for fans of Adam Silvera! Ever since the sudden deaths of his parents, seventeen-year-old Hugh has developed a serious preoccupation with endings – and things get a little complicated when he meets Olivia Moon, a high-school outcast who can’t die. But if he wants to learn more about her impossible power, he’ll have to drive Olivia to New York and help retrieve a stolen crate of her most treasured possessions. As his feelings for Olivia grow, Hugh embarks on a road trip he’ll never forget.

Can she help him to accept that unsatisfying, messy endings are just a part of life? An unforgettable contemporary YA debut with a unique twist Follows two teens trying to figure out their own stories Perfect for fans of TikTok hits such as Adam Silvera’s They Both Die at the End


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