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The Unicorn Who Came to Breakfast (PB)


From bestselling author and illustrator duo, Emma Adams and Mike Byrne, comes this laugh-out-loud picture book about one especially excitable unicorn! When a unicorn comes to visit on a grey and rainy day, a little child and their dad cannot believe their eyes. A UNICORN! IN THEIR HOME? WOW! But what do unicorns do for FUN? Play games? YES! Read books? OH, YES! Eat a tasty breakfast and some lunch, and maybe an extra snack? YES, YES and YES AGAIN! Full of mischief, this brilliantly fun picture book will leave you smiling for days! Riotous story by Emma Adams, author of Unicorns Don’t Love Rainbows, Who Pooed in My Loo? and the Unicorn and the Rainbow Poop series Engaging and lighthearted illustrations by Mike Byrne, illustrator of Unicorns Don’t Love Sparkles, There’s a Troll on My Toilet and Who Made That Smell? Shhh! Don’t Tell! With a wonderful father-son relationship at its heart, and a happily chaotic unicorn, this picture book is perfect for children – and grown-ups – who like to have FUN!


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