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The Murderer’s Ape


Sally Jones is not only a loyal friend, she’s an extraordinary individual. In overalls or in a maharaja’s turban, this unique gorilla moves among humans without speaking but understands everything. She and the Chief are devoted comrades who operate a cargo boat. A job they are offered pays big bucks, but the deal ends badly, and the Chief is falsely convicted of murder.

For Sally Jones this is the start of a harrowing quest for survival and to clear the Chief’s name. Powerful forces are working against her, and they will do anything to protect their secrets.

A beautiful, exciting book by Jakob Wegelius, with author’s amazing illustrations inside. Now also available is the prequel, The Legend of Sally Jones, which tells the story of how Sally Jones and Chief met. It is aimed at younger children (aged 7+), but it would be interesting for fans of The Murderer’s Ape as well.


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