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The Lovely Dark

Beautifully moving and breathtakingly original, this is a story of bravery and second chances, for readers aged 9+. When 12-year-old Eleanor Newton dies in an accident, she finds herself journeying down a mysterious river that takes her to The Underworld. She apprehensively embarks on her “afterlife” at Eventide House, a boarding school of sorts for children who have died.

The Underworld is captivating: always sunny and warm but also fractured. Strange things have been happening to Ellie since she arrived: she knows something isn’t right, and she doesn’t want to be there. She desperately wants to get back to the world of The Living to meet her new baby brother, even if it means being a ghost.

Can Ellie find a way out of the Underworld? And who – or what – will she be if she does? The Lovely Dark is another breathtakingly original story from Matthew Fox, author of The Sky Over Rebecca. Set in the modern world, it features themes of life after a pandemic, mental health and grief, all handled with real lightness of touch. “Fox is a beguiling writer, whose prose cocoons us through the unusual adventures that follow …

[the twist] left this not-so-young reader close to tears” The Telegraph, 5-star review


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  1. Nika

    This is a very unusual book in regards of the topic it talks about.

    Ellie and her friend Justin were in an accident, and they both end up in afterlife, with other children who’d been in horrible accidents. But Ellie’s family is expecting her baby brother and Ellie desperately wants to return to the world of living to meet him, even if she’s a ghost. Will she succeed? And why are her and Justin separated after arriving in the underworld?

    This is a beautiful, elegiac story for 10+, based on Greek mythology, but beacuse it’s about children dying and afterlife, I would recommend this book to be bought only if you know the child you’re giving it to very well and are sure they won’t be upset by it. Definitely worth picking up though!

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