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The Life and Time of Lonny Quicke


Lonny is a lifeling. He has the power to heal any living creature and bring it back from the dead. But he pays a price for this gift – by lengthening the creature’s life, he shortens his own.

So Lonny has to be careful, has to stay hidden in the forest. Because if people knew what he could do, Lonny would be left with no life at all… A brilliant novel from the author of The Middler about family, secrets and a terrible power.
After a brave fight, he is invited to leave the ‘twoleg’ world and join Thunderclan, one of four cat tribes, to train as a warrior. Rusty becomes Firepaw and learns laws of the wild – hunting and fighting to protect the clan’s survival. When the fearsome Shadowclan threaten Thunderclan’s territory his warrior skills are put to the test.

But how can he protect the clan when he suspects their own deputy of trechery?


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  1. Rach

    UTTERLY BRILLIANT! Everyone MUST read this book, it will change your life!
    If you had the power to save lives but each time it meant you got older, would you? Well this is the choice that Lonny has to make everyday, he’s a Lifeling and has been kept hidden away in the forest his whole life, but Lonny is desperate to see the world there has to be more to life than this, he’s seen it in old photographs of his mother.
    A story of hope, friendship, adventure and living in the right now. This really is one marvellous book.

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