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The Final Year

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See that tall, skinny kid with the ball in his handsayin see ya later to his mate?That’s me:Nathan WilderNate. 10 years oldand a week away from the end of Year 5. Life can be tough in your last year of primary school.

Tests to take, preparing for the change to high school. Nate is ready for it all, knowing his best friend PS is at his side – they’ve been inseparable since Nursery. But when they are put in two different classes and PS finds a new friend in Turner, the school bully, Nate’s world turns upside-down.

As he struggles to make sense of this and forge new friendships, he’s dealt another blow when his youngest brother, Dylan is rushed into hospital. His new teacher, Mr Joshua, sees a spark inside of Nate that’s lit by his love of reading and writing and shows him how to use this to process what’s going on. But with so much working against him, and anger rising inside him, will this be enough?A powerful and lyrical story about finding your place in the world and the people that matter within it.


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  1. Rach

    This is an utterly gorgeous, heartfelt novel that will really make you look at life from a different perspective. Meet Nate. He lives with his mum and two younger brothers and he is just starting his final year at primary school. When his best friend Patrick is put in a separate class and befriends the school bully, Nate is left to navigate his hardest year yet on his own. When his youngest brother Dylan is rushed to hospital, the rage inside Nate threatens to rear its ugly head as he starts to sink into the darkness. Thankfully, his new teacher Mr Joshua recognises the gift of writing Nate has and teaches him the power that words can have. This novel is beautifully written in prose. It touches on important subjects such as friendship, homelife, families, mental health, and shows the difference that a great teacher can make to someone’s life. I honestly sat down with a cuppa and didn’t move until I had finished (that’s a lie, I got up to make another cup of tea but the book came with me) A novel that every child (and teacher) should read.

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