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The Exiles at Home

The Conroy sisters are back! In Hilary Mckay’s second book in The Exiles series the four delightfully troublesome siblings manage to get themselves into yet more mischief.

When Ruth Conroy decides to sponsor a child in Africa, she is unprepared for the monthly monetary commitment and is shocked by how difficult it is to find ?10 a month … In desperation, she enlists the help of her sisters ? but Phoebe, Naomi and Rachel are only too eager to think up eccentric fundraising schemes, including wholly undisciplined and unsuitable baby-sitters, an unhygienic catering service and a fraudulent street artist. Whatever the scheme, their hilarious projects never fail to cause chaos and mayhem.

This is the second novel in Hilary McKay’s wonderfully witty and warm The Exiles series. This is a polished up version of the 1980s Exiles for the twenty-first century. Also reprinted and widely available are the two other books in the series, The Exiles and The Exiles in Love. Hilary McKay is also the author of the wonderful, award-winning The Skylarks’ War and the?Cassons Family?series.


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