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The Eleventh Trade

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Meet Sami, a twelve-year-old refugee from Afghanistan, as he searches for friendship, a place to call home and his grandfather’s most prized possession, in the debut novel by Alyssa Hollingsworth.

Back in Afghanistan, before the Taliban came, Sami’s grandfather was a famous musician. People would come from miles around and pay thousands to hear him play the?rebab.

Now Sami and his grandfather are refugees living in Boston. The?rebab?is their most valuable possession and a reminder of home.

Then one terrible day, the?rebab?is stolen. Sami’s grandfather is devastated. His last link with home is gone and with it, his livelihood. Sami resolves to get the?rebab?back as a surprise for Eid. When he finds it on ebay, with a hefty price tag attached, he begins to trade the few possessions he has – and as he does, he finds, to his surprise, that there are all kinds of people willing to help.


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