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Sparrow : The Story of Joan of Arc


Eloise has always loved Joan of Arc. Noble, honest and brave, she was everything Eloise wishes to be. And on a bright sunny day in Orleans, Eloise has a very special daydream ?

“There was only one creature on this earth who really knew Joan. He was a sparrow, just an ordinary sparrow ? He was her best friend on this earth, maybe her only friend, too.”

A young girl faces an impossible task ? to save her beloved France from tyrants. To free her country, Joan will lose everyone she has ever loved. But she listens to her heart and believes in her calling.

Through patience, perseverance and unbreakable spirit, Joan of Arc leads armies to victory and finds the strength to face the cruelest of destinies.

A superb re-imagining of Joan of Arc by master storyteller Michael Morpurgo.


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