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Small Worlds: Earth

In Small Worlds Earth, explore nature up close. Look at what happens under the leaf litter in a forest, find out what lives in a single desert oasis, examine the top of a Brazil nut tree in the Amazon and much more. What will you find when you explore these small worlds? Prepare to be surprised by the variety of life on each page of this gorgeous lift-the-flap book.

A fascinating exploration of the life and cycles in nature’s small worlds.


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  1. Jo

    In this book you can get up close to the tiny wonders of Earth’s landbound ecosystems
    Beautiful gouache and watercolour illustrations packed full of detail, and lots and lots of flaps -I loved he tiny ants ! The book has an interesting layout- I love it when the format changes, such as the spread of the oak tree where you have to turn the book sideways.

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