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The Secret Seven 15: Fun for the Secret Seven

Solve the mystery with the Secret Seven – everyone’s favourite detective club! These timeless stories are perfect for young fans of mystery, adventure or detective series.?

The Seven are very fond of Tolly and his horse, Brownie, so they’re determined to help out when Brownie is sick. But they need to find Tolly and Brownie somewhere to hide out – somewhere that dangerous horse thieves will never find. But where?

Solve the mystery!

This book by Enid Blyton features cover and inside illustrations are by the brilliant Tony Ross. The story was first published in 1963. This edition features the classic text and comes with a Bonus Blyton section at the back with quizzes, puzzles and other bonus extras!

Read all 15 books in the series:

  1. The Secret Seven
  2. Secret Seven Adventure
  3. Well Done, Secret Seven
  4. Secret Seven on the Trail
  5. Go Ahead, Secret Seven
  6. Good Work, Secret Seven
  7. Secret Seven Win Through
  8. Three Cheers, Secret Seven
  9. Secret Seven Mystery
  10. Puzzle for the Secret Seven
  11. Secret Seven Fireworks
  12. Good Old Secret Seven
  13. Shock for the Secret Seven
  14. Look Out, Secret Seven
  15. Fun for the Secret Seven

And don’t miss Mystery of the Skull, a new Secret Seven story by Pamela Butchart.


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