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Rumble Tumble


OOF! This brilliant tale is about a bear, his sandwich and a spot of mayhem – with shaped pages to turn, giggles galore, and lots of noisy words to say! Created by Ben Newman, the illustrator of the bestselling Astro Cat series. The bear is looking forward to eating his yummy sandwich. But suddenly – BUMP! – he trips on a rock.

Then – FLUMP! – he starts tumbling down the hill, and into the path of some unsuspecting creatures . . .

Specially developed and tested with his own preschool-aged children Rumble Tumble is based on common animal noises and miming games played by preschoolers everywhere. The lively and rhythmic words in this story are easy to remember and say together, and coupled with the dynamic, colourful illustrations and cut-away pages, this book helps preschoolers develop vital pre-reading skills. Fans of Rumble Tumble ones will also enjoy Ben Newsman’s Snip Snap!


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