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The Painted Dragon

Mr Sinclair would like to invite you to the most glamorous exhibition of the year!

When a priceless painting is stolen, our dauntless heroines Sophie and Lil find themselves faced with forgery, trickery and deceit on all sides! Be amazed as the brave duo pit their wits against this perilous puzzle! Marvel at their cunning plan to unmask the villain and prove themselves detectives to be reckoned with ? no matter what dangers lie ahead … It?s their most perilous adventure yet!

Read the whole Sinclair’s Mysteries series by Katherine Woodfine:

  1. The Clockwork Sparrow?
  2. The Jewelled Moth,
  3. The Painted Dragon,
  4. The Midnight Peacock.

Peril in Paris and Spies in St. Petersburg are the first two books in her new series, Taylor & Rose Secret Agents, featuring the same heroines.


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