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Greta Zargo and the Amoeba Monsters from the Middle of the Earth

Greta Zargo doesn’t know it, but once again she is about to unwittingly and unknowingly save the world.

Intrepid young schoolgirl-turned-reporter Greta Zargo is always in search of a Big Scoop and for once there are plenty of strange goings-on in the usually quiet little town of Upper Lowerbridge. Not only has Aunt Tabitha, the great inventor, gone missing, but weird, wobbling, blob-like monsters are appearing via a very deep hole in Greta’s garden – and they are slowing but surely devouring her neighbours one by one .

A laugh-out-loud funny new series from A.F. Harrold, the author of the critically acclaimed?The Imaginary, perfect for readers aged 8+. This book is the sequel to Greta Zargo and the Death Robots from Outer Space.


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