Father Christmas and Me


It isn’t always easy, growing up as a human in Elfhelm, even if your adoptive parents are the newly married Father Christmas and Mary Christmas.

For one thing, Elf School can be annoying when you have to sing Christmas songs everyday – even in July – and when you fail all your toy-making tests. Also it can get very, very cold.

But when the jealous Easter Bunny and his rabbit army launch an attack to stop Christmas, it’s up to Amelia, her new family and the elves to keep Christmas alive. Before it’s too late …

This is the third book in the magical Christmas series by Matt Haig, with illustrations by Chris Mould. Read what happened before in A Boy Called Christmas and The Girl Who Saved Christmas. Now also available are The Truth Pixie?and The Truth Pixie Goes to School – short rhyming stories featuring the lovable pixie from the books. They are aimed at slightly younger children, but can be enjoyed by their older siblings as well as parents alike.


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