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Eco Baby Where Are You Penguin? : A Plastic-free Touch and Feel Book

Penguin is exploring the antarctic! Can you find him? A simple story for little ones that will delight them, encourage their language, and fine motor skills. Discover amazing arctic animals such as an albatross, snow petrel, orca, and seal – and find where penguin is hiding too!Eco Baby: Where Are You Penguin? is part of a wonderful plastic-free touch and feel board books that develop your child’s love for storytime, learning, and secures the parent-baby connection. Inside you’ll find: – Touchy feely elements: corrugated cardboard sections and die cuts – perfect for little fingers- Stunning artworks that pop out on the brown cardboard material of the book- Age-appropriate text for 1-3-year-olds, and facts that are ideal for reading aloud- Engaging interactive storyline featuring 5 Antarctic animals; an albatross, orca, snow petrel, seal, and penguinWhat’s more fun than discovering new friends? Children will find this board book fascinating and as the story is read to them, they can point to the animals, feel the fun corrugated cardboard elements and peel through the cut-out sections.

An ideal gift book for babies and toddlers, the children’s book’s stylish illustrations provide a bold contrast to the natural cardboard pages that capture the imagination of toddlers. Beautiful snowy habitats surround charming animals and the simple text is ideal for reading aloud. Meet incredible animals in this plastic-free touch and feel picture book series from DK for toddlers.

Other Eco Baby books include, Where Are You Tiger?, Where Are You Polar Bear?, Where Are You Koala?, and Where Are You Elephant?.


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