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DKFindout! Arctic and Antarctic


Journey to the icy lands at the ends of the Earth and learn all about life at the poles!Discover snowy mountains, frozen seas, and icebergs bigger than skyscrapers within the Earth’s iciest regions. Children will meet the remarkable animals that survive and thrive in the harsh conditions of these icy worlds. There’s the giant polar bear using its large padded paws to trek many miles across the ice and snow, and the Arctic tern whose incredible flight from one side of the world to the other, is the longest animal migration in the world.

Learn all about the spectacular natural light displays that transform the night skies near the north and south poles, then find out why the Arctic experiences an entire day of darkness at the same time as the Antarctic sees 24 hours of brilliant sunshine. Included in this riveting read you will find: -28 fascinating topics, including auroras, polar birds, food webs, icebergs and glaciers, and protecting the poles-The exciting and vibrant spread designs, and unique subject approach through games, quizzes, myth busters, and comics will keep the reader engaged from start to finish-Optional flaps at the beginning and end provide extra core reference and a quiz to draw children into the content of the book-Includes spaces for taking notes, and a quiz to help readers review what they have learnt Packed with incredible information, and stunning scenes, DKfindout! Arctic and Antarctic offers a unique look into the fascinating life on, above, and under the ice. The content is presented in dynamic, colourful ways including an in-page board game and a timeline, which bring the pages to life for young readers!With contributions by subject experts from the British Antarctic Survey, National Snow and Ice Data Center, and Penguin Science organisation, and fully appraised by an educational consultant – this detailed exploration of the polar regions is sure to delight.

A must-have volume for children aged 7-9 interested in the animals, geographical features and wildlife of the Arctic and Antarctic. At DK, we believe in the power of discovery: So why not explore other titles in our Dkfindout! Series?


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