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Diary of an Accidental Witch: Ghostly Getaway : 3


Monday 17th JanuaryIt’s finally time for the school trip! And we’re off to the SPOOKIEST castle I have EVER seen!Bea Black is in her second term at witch school and she can’t wait for the Year Seven residential trip to the haunted Cadabra Castle. The students are excited to fly around the famous GO pitch, explore the ancient turrets and have a magical time … if they can just stop arguing! Except Ms Sparks has other plans – this isn’t a holiday, it’s a team-building exercise for a class who desperately need to learn to work together.

But with rumours of a ghost terrorizing the castle, Bea has a lot more to contend with than scavenger hunts and hikes! Not least being paired up with Blair Smith-Smythe, her ULTIMATE frenemy! Will the class learn anything from their time at Cadabra? And more importantly, will Bea and Blair manage to avoid hexing each other for long enough to solve the spooky mystery?A perfect potion of magic and mischief, DIARY OF AN ACCIDENTAL WITCH is THE WORST WITCH meets TOM GATES. PRAISE FOR DIARY OF AN ACCIDENTAL WITCH:”Great fun!” – iPaper”Full of magical mayhem!” – BookTrust”A magical adventure that will touch your heart and tickle your funny bone.” – Maz Evans, author of WHO LET THE GODS OUT”A brilliant, hilarious story!” – Emma Carroll, author of THE WEEK AT WORLD’S END


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