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Dave Pigeon (Royal Coo!)

Dave Pigeon and his best friend Skipper are taking in the sights of London. Whilst pecking around the gates of the Royal Palace, looking for high-brow snacks to feast on, they meet Prince Raju Pigeon, one of the Queen’s personal birds from the Royal Lofts.

Raju is tired of royal life and longs to see life beyond the palace gates. Dave suggests they swap places for a short while! Raju will get to see how normal pigeon lives and Dave will be pampered in the Royal Lofts.

Of course, this all goes to Dave’s head and as he laps up the royal treatment becoming more unbearable than ever. But life in high society is not all it’s cracked up to be …

A modern-day prince and pauper story with pigeons, by Swapna Haddow. Don?t miss out on more of Dave?s adventures in?Dave Pigeon, Dave Pigeon (Racer!) and Dave Pigeon (Nuggets!).


Out of stock


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