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Cosmic Creatures: The Friendly Firecat

On a faraway planet, cute alien animals need help! Luckily, Charlie and her robot friend, Random, are ready for any rescue adventure… Charlie is on a special trip to see the migration of the firecats, the fastest animals on planet Vela! But when rustlers start kidnapping the cats, the herd stampede, and a sparkly little firekitten is left behind. Charlie and Random must come up with a plan to stop the rustlers and reunite the baby firecat with its family before it’s too late…

Fans of Zoe’s Rescue Zoo and Holly Webb will love Cosmic Creatures! Beautifully illustrated throughout by Sophy Williams, Cosmic Creatures is perfect for animal-mad readers aged 5+. Look out for the other Cosmic Creatures stories!The Runaway Rumblebear


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