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The Cosmic Atlas of Alfie Fleet

Bored of the same old routine??
Longing for a bit of adventure in your life??
Love living life on the edge??
Then join Alfie Fleet and discover a whole universe of wonders (and things that are not so wonderful too, but we won’t go into that now).?

From giant sand lobsters on planet Maureen and the Twang Bears of Mumsy, to the eerie (yet oddly quite boring) brains in jars on Brains-in-Jars World – there’s something for everyone. And if danger’s your thing you won’t want to miss Outlandish, with its gold-hoarding dragon, take-your-life-in-your-hands cuisine, and welcoming locals who’ll fire lightning bolts at you.
Thrills and adventure await, just hop on board the slightly old and rusty moped of infinity!

More than funny fiction – this story by Martin Howard does for travel guides and maps what Wimpy Kid did for diaries and Tom Gates did for doodle books. With amazing illustrations by Chris Mould throughout, this book is a visual feast and will appeal to readers everywhere.


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