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This Book Just Ate My Dog!

In this wonderfully inventive book, Bella is taking her dog for a stroll across the page but halfway across, he disappears! Unable to quite believe what’s just happened Bella watches, transfixed, with changing emotions of surprise, indignation, moments of renewed hope (as the authorities arrive to take control) followed by shock (as they too succumb to the book’s inexplicable behaviour) and finally action when Bella marches toward the dangerous middle of the book … only to disappear herself! At this point, the book has consumed its characters and it’s down to the reader to step in to help. A note from Bella appears directly appealing for assistance and, with a rigorous shake, the characters reappear. Normality is restored and Bella is finally able to take her dog for an uninterrupted walk … or is she?!

Also available in the same series by Richard Byrne are This Book Is Out of Control!, We’re in the Wrong Book! and This Book Just Stole My Cat!


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