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Ariki and the Giant Shark

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From multi award-winning author Nicola Davies comes the first book in a new adventure series, starring a young girl living on a tropical island in a sea full of islands.

Washed up on Turtle Island as a toddler, Ariki has always felt different from the other children. But there?s somewhere she belongs heart and soul: the sea, where she plays with dolphins, sharks, whales and turtles. One day Ariki catches sight of a strange creature in the water, bigger than any she?s seen before ? soon after, an enormous shark tooth is found on the sand. When a group of giant sharks start circling the shore, the island?s fishermen are too afraid to go out to sea. Without fish the people will starve… Can Ariki save the day?

Don’t miss the second book in this wonderful series, Ariki and the Island of Wonders.


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