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Animal Tales


A great?collection of five of Dick King-Smith’s most charming and?amusing animal stories.

All Because of Jackson?- Jackson is a very unusual rabbit – one who dreams of going to sea. So one day he stows away on the?Atalanta?and sails off in search of a new life . . .

The Catlady?- Muriel lives alone with lots and lots of cats. But Muriel’s cats are no ordinary cats – they are people she once knew reincarnated in feline form!

The Guard Dog?- The story of a scruffy little mongrel with a grand ambition – to be a guard dog. The other pups laugh at him. Could such a small and scruffy dog really guard a home?

Hairy Hezekiah -?Hezekiah lives a quiet life, and seems to be the only animal in the zoo without a friend. So he decides to escape and go on the run!

Horse Pie?– Jenny the donkey finds herself unwelcome at the Old Horses’ Home, but when rustlers start looking for horses to make into pies, it’s up to Jenny to save the day.


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