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All the Money in the World

One day you’re broke. The next, you have all the money in the world. What would you do? A gripping, timely story about cold, hard cash and little white lies for fans of Jenny Valentine, Siobhan Dowd and Lara Williamson.

Fifteen-year-old Penny longs for something better. Better than a small, damp flat. Better than her bullying classmates and uninterested teachers.

Better than misery and poverty day in day out. An unlikely friendship and a huge sum of money promise a whole lot of new chances for Penny, and she realises that not only can she change her life, she can change herself. But at what cost?Perfect for readers of 10+.


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  1. Nika

    Penny Nolan lives in a rundown house called The Flats and visits the local school, whose teachers are not exactly trying to bring out the best in their pupils. When a chance encounter with a neighbour leaves Penny with a whole load of cash, she gets aplace at the Pearlbourne Academy for Exceptional Girls, and she reinvents herself as Lola Nolan-Fitzsimons. But are the lies really worth it, just to conceal where she comes from in front of her new friends?
    A great read about the value of money vs. the value of being true to yourself.

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