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A Gangster Stole My Trunks

One boy’s mission to take down a team of super-villains … with the help of his boring, dishcloth-selling grandad? When Jesse’s grandad wins tickets to a retirement cruise and offers to bring Jesse along, Jesse is not exactly thrilled. A boat load of old age pensioners?! No thanks.

Not to mention that he’s pretty sure his parents are going to be talking about a D.I.V.O.R.C.E. while he’s safely out of the way. But from the moment the pair arrive on the cruise ship, it’s a different story.

Mysterious cat burglars, crime lords and smugglers all seem to be on board … and odder than that, Gramps knows them all! When an attempted murder occurs, Jesse decides it’s time to find out what they’re hiding, and catch the villain responsible. But Gramps might be hiding the biggest secret of all …

can Jesse unravel the mystery, before time runs out? A hilarious adventure with heart for fans of The Worst Holiday Ever and Gangsta Granny Featuring a gorgeous intergenerational relationship between a boy and his grandad, who is determined to reconnect with his family before illness intervenes Brought to life with fabulous illustrations throughout – this package will delight readers.


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