Introducing ‘My Year of Books’ July 4, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

Let’s face it, most of us parents and carers are pretty time-poor, so here at Bags of Books we’ve come up with an ingenious way of connecting your kids with stories old and new, without you having to navigate your way through the vast range of books on offer.

The idea is simple; for a one-off fee, we will send 1 or 2 new books to the child in your life every month, or every other month, depending on the level of subscription. Before we send the first one, we spend some time with you discussing what things they are in to, what books they currently read and what their reading level is.

And then they are good to go. They get a lovely handpicked gift-wrapped book sent to them every month for the duration of the subscription. If it turns out they have read the book before, or they really don’t like the look of it, we just exchange it for another one more to their taste.

You (or the person nominated as responsible for the account) will receive an e-mail giving details of your account login.  Here you can keep track of your book parcels, see other personalized recommendations and give feedback on the books being sent. It really is that simple and what can be more magical than getting a handpicked story through your letterbox each month?!

My grandson is really enjoying his Year of Books and has already asked for the same again for his birthday this year!

Paul Ascott

Unlike some of the big online booksellers (naming no names….) we don’t base your child’s book choices on a faceless algorithm. We spend time getting to know what they like and personalise the choice based on who they actually are, not who a computer thinks they are. Our aim is to introduce them not only to new releases but also to the timeless classics.

So while we can’t always compete on price with the big online guys, we think that it’s worth it to have your own personal bookseller pick books for your kids. Not only is this something they can enjoy but, hopefully it gives you one less thing to think about too!

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