From endearing picture books to epic historical novels, there are so many wonderful stories that have captured the enchantment and excitement surrounding winter. Here are our Top 20 Books Set in Winter.
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November is the National Non-Fiction Month, which prompted us to go through our shelves to find the best information books published this year. There were so many, it was hard to whittle it down to just these!
Horror fans, rejoice: Halloween is almost here! For readers looking for titles that deliver the chills, we’ve put together 21 ‘Beginners Horror’ novels, offering haunted houses, abandoned asylums, murderous trees, vengeful witches, ravenous ghouls, and one nightmare-inducing doll!
Childhood friendships are such an important part of school life, but can often be something of a minefield to navigate and can prove a huge challenge for young children. The books in this collection aim to help young children understand
It was reported recently that diversity in children’s publishing is still sadly lacking, with only 4% of books published last year featuring BAME characters.  Check out this collection of some great books that include strong multiracial characters.  
From mysterious crimes to nail-biting adventures, fiercely loyal friendships and road trips that change everything, we love stories set in the summer!
Whether you’re at home or away, get ahead of the game with a few cool, new activity books. From sticker books to beautifully designed sketchbooks, we found something to appeal to everyone!
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