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Clash of the Tyrants

The new book in the innovative adventure series by Jay Jay Burridge. Imagine a world where dinosaurs survived … the world of Supersaurs.

Bea and Carter Kingsley have been struggling to fit in at school in England after their adventures and the tragic loss of their grandmother, Bunty. Despite his misgivings about further travel, their godfather Theodore decides to take them to America, to visit their Uncle Cash Kingsley’s ranch in California. Unexpectedly reunited with Viscount Lambert Von Knutr, and introduced to his wife, Anya Sitz, Bea and Carter find themselves temporarily separated when Bea accompanies the glamorous Viscount’s wife to San Francisco. Theodore, still determined to unlock the mysteries of the journals the childrens’ father left behind, takes off on a quest of his own. Will the rifts growing be healed – or widen? The adventure concludes in Wild West style with a dramatic showdown at the rodeo …

In a world where dinosaurs have survived and evolved alongside humans, Bea and Carter Kingsley are searching for answers to the disappearance of their parents. But the answers our heroes seek are surrounded in mystery. What is the secret of the Saurmen? And who else is interested in discovering it – can everyone they meet be trusted?

The World of Supersaurs is wonderfully realized, grounded in historical events and a classic storytelling adventure beautifully illustrated throughout.

Books in the series:

  1. Raptors of Paradise
  2. The Stegosorcerer
  3. Clash of the Tyrants


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