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The Stegosorcerer

The next book in the innovative adventure series by Jay Jay Burridge. Imagine a world where dinosaurs never died out … the world of Supersaurs.

After leaving the rainforests of Indonesia, and outwitting the terrible Christian Hayter, Bunty Brownlee takes her grandchildren Bea and Carter, and Carter’s newly domesticated Black Dwarf Tyrant, to a safari reserve in Kenya, built to protect the endangered White Titan Tyrants. But soon the children are caught up in a sinister plot involving poaching and diamond-mining. The young heroes require the aid of the Steggi, a nomadic tribe who live in harmony with their prized Stegosaurs …

Packed with revelations, and with more clues to uncover via the Augmented Reality app, this thrilling African safari adventure takes the reader deeper into the wonderful world of Supersaurs.

Books in the series:

  1. Raptors of Paradise
  2. The Stegosorcerer
  3. Clash of the Tyrants


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