Wilds Of The Wolf


The third book in The Falcon Chronicles series from DEADLY 60 and LIVE AND DEADLY presenter Steve Backshall.

Follow Saker and Sinter’s quest to save the world’s endangered animals in the frozen Arctic wilderness. Saker and Sinter escape by the skin of their teeth when their plan to sabotage a billionaire businessman plundering ‘black gold’ (natural oil and gas) and hunting wolves in the remote Siberia goes disastrously wrong. But they escape one kind of peril only to find themselves in an even more terrifying situation. Separated by blizzards and avalanches, they are lost in a breathtakingly beautiful but deadly frozen Arctic wilderness. Suffering from frostbite and hunger, listening to the wolves howl and the packs draw closer, it seems that this time they cannot possibly live to tell their tale.

Also available are the other three books, Tiger Wars, Ghosts of the Forest, and Shark Seas.


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