What Can a Citizen Do?

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“[This] charming book provides examples and sends the message that citizens aren’t born but are made by actions taken to help others and the world they live in.” -The Washington Post This is a book about what citizenship-good citizenship-means to you, and to us all: Across the course of several seemingly unrelated but ultimately connected actions by different children, we watch how kids turn a lonely island into a community-and watch a journey from what the world should be to what the world could be. * What Can a Citizen Do? is the latest collaboration from the acclaimed behind the bestselling Her Right Foot: Dave Eggers and Shawn Harris. * For today’s youngest readers about what it means to be a citizen and the positive role they can play in society.

* Includes beautiful illustrations and intriguing, rhyming text. “Obligatory reading for future informed citizens.” -The New York TimesWhat Can a Citizen Do? is an empowering and timeless read with an important message for all ages. * Great family read-aloud book* Books for kids ages 5-8* Picture books for grades K-3


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