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We Found a Cat (PB)

The perfect picture book for children with a big imagination, We Found a Cat is a laugh-out-loud story of a little girl and a little boy who find a furry friend. Cats have whiskers and love to purr… Cats love to play…

Cats love to eat… When a brother and sister find a new furry friend, they decide that it most definitely is a cat. But something’s not quite right.

It’s very loud… It’s very hungry… And it doesn’t use doors! They eventually decide that it is, after all, an *outdoors cat* and are very happy to leave it to all the outdoorsy things! Written and illustrated by the wonderfully talented Heidi McKinnon, author of I Just Ate My Friend A super hilarious read about two children who’ve become friends with a tiger! Full colour illustrations throughout in gorgeous orange and teal tones


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