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Turtle Boy


Twelve-year-old Will likes two things: turtles and the local nature reserve. Everything else is a nightmare, because Will has a facial difference that has earned him an unfortunate nickname. But when Will’s Bar Mitzvah community service project introduces him to RJ, a boy who is confined to a hospital room, Will discovers they both have strength to lend the other and that life is too short to live in a shell.


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  1. Rachel

    For anyone who has ever felt different, ugly or afraid to try something new, This is the book for you. Perfect for fans of wonder, Turtle Boy follows Will, a 12 year old who is preparing for his Bar mitzvah and struggling to comes to terms with the way he looks. Meet RJ, a terminally ill 16 year old with a list of things he still wants to experience, if he cant do them someone will have to experience it all for him instead. An unlikely friendship soon changes both boys lives in very different ways.

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