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Tooth Fairy in Training

Think that being a tooth fairy is all about sparkly fairy dust, shiny coins and collecting teeny-tiny teeth from cute, sleeping children? Well, think again.

Tate?s big sister May is taking her out on her very first tooth-collecting mission, and it?s going to be a little ? well,?dangerous. It will involve trekking through the deep, dark jungle, plunging into the murky ocean, and facing the ice of the Arctic. Because it?s not just sweet, slumbering little children that lose their pearly whites, oh no – all kinds of toothy predators lose their gnashers, too! Can Tate collect missing teeth from crocs, sharks and anacondas … and all without waking up a single creature?

A fast-paced, funny and action-packed adventure story by Michelle Robinson and Briony May Smith, which introduces two tough brave new fairies (and many a ferocious animal!) to the picture book world.


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