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The Iron Woman : 25th Anniversary Edition

A beautiful 25th anniversary edition of Ted Hughes’s The Iron Woman, the incredible sequel to The Iron Man, with the stunning original wood engravings from Andrew Davidson and a foreword by Michael Morpurgo. The streaming shape reared . .

. like a sudden wall of cliff, pouring cataracts of black mud and clotted, rooty lumps of reeds. Mankind for has polluted the seas, lakes and rivers.

The Iron Woman has come to take revenge. Lucy understands the Iron Woman’s rage and she too wants to save the water creatures from their painful deaths. But she also wants to save her town from total destruction.

She needs help. Who better to call on but Hogarth and the Iron Man . .

. ?A sequel and companion volume to Ted Hughes’ The Iron Man, this new, child-friendly setting will be treasured by a new generation of readers. ‘A beautiful new edition .

. . wonderfully imagined, hugely challenging, modern myth.’ Carousel


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