Step Into Your Power: 23 Lessons On How To Live Your Best Life

Discover your own inner strength and learn mental resilience, in this growing up guide for young girls. “You are not alone, even if it feels that way sometimes.” – Jamia Wilson Listen up, little sister! You’ve heard about heroes and read about the greats, but maybe you’re not feeling so great yourself right now? When did Gloria Steinem ever have to deal with exams being canceled and going into lockdown? Life is peculiar right now and this book shows you how to shake up your mindset when you can’t change your situation. Learn from the lived experience of author Jamia Wilson and illustrator Andrea Pippins as they mentor you through growing up in the modern world, and teach you how to Step Into Your Power.

In this friendly guide, learn how to look after yourself, make good choices, get out of ruts, branch out, and ask for help. How do you overcome a setback? How do you cope when you or a family member gets sick? There’s self-care advice and activities on every page you can take and make your very own. Take this time to explore what it means to know and trust your insights and capabilities with stories, images, activities, resources and action prompts that you can interact with on your own time and, most importantly, on your terms.

A warm and friendly growing-up guide, crucial for the time we are living in right now.





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