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The Steam Whistle Theatre Company

Dark and deadly deeds, piratical plots, lost heiresses and poor little orphans ? Vivian French conjures up the very spirit of Victorian theatre in a fabulous new novel for middle-grade readers.

To avoid financial ruin, the Bottle family?s theatre-troupe has left London behind, travelling to the north of England by train. With new audiences to play to, and less competition, they hope to make enough money to pay off their debts back home. But will their plans be foiled by the odious Olio Sleevery? It?s time for young actors Rosie and Charlie to save the day, and, with the help of their new friend Edie Boiler, ensure the thunderous success of the company’s first performance.

A wonderful gallery of eccentric characters and an exuberant plot with a twist at the end … this is storytelling at its theatrical best!



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